Refresh Your Resume Sweepstakes winners

Posted by Kathleen Smith

This summer our Refresh Your Resume Sweepstakes encouraged job seekers to refresh their resume at least every 30 days so recruiters would know they are still active job seekers. It’s easy to refresh. Simply login to your ClearedJobs.Net account. Go to the middle of the page under “My Resume”. Next to “Last updated xx/xx/xxxx” click “update” and today’s date will appear. It’s that easy, and it’s that important, to let recruiters know you are still looking for a job.

We recently asked our two winners about their experience:

“I am at the 50 days before I retire from the Navy point, and I’ve used your website extensively. Not just for the job search, but to do research on the companies as well. Many of the calls I’ve gotten from recruiters so far, start something like ‘I saw your resume on Cleared Jobs, and I think we might have a position where you may be a good fit.’ Up to this point, my availability date has been outside the time frame they are looking to fill their position, but I have peace of mind knowing that the right folks are looking at my resume, and even in this challenging job market, your website works!” Ken from Virginia.

“There can be no doubt that refreshing my resume once a week helped to continually generate interest from recruiters. After a long job search, I am in the final stages and juggling three terrific opportunities that I am really excited about. One huge advantage of having your resume in a database like ClearedJobs.Net is that, often, recruiters will contact you for opportunities that are not publicly advertised. It is well worth the time and effort to get yourself out there.” Erika from Massachusetts.

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