Refresh Your Resume Sweepstakes

Posted by Kathleen Smith

When was the last time you looked at your resume? Didn’t think you needed to did you? Did you post your resume on a job board thinking “that is all I have to do to find a job!” Well, that’s not quite all there is to it.

A well written resume is only one part of your overall career search strategy. As important as having your resume well written, featuring your accomplishments, clearly stating your successes and making sure you have the correct key words, your resume also has to be “fresh.”

What do we mean by “fresh?” Similar to cheese that stays in the refrigerator too long, if your resume has not been refreshed in the last 30 days you are not going to get a lot of interest. Why? Typically when a recruiter sees a resume is 30 days old, he or she thinks this job seekers is no longer available — they are no longer fresh or in the job market.

At the same time it’s common for job seekers to post their resume on a job board or career site and never return. 

With this in mind we are launching the “Refresh Your Resume Sweepstakes”. All summer long we will be giving tips on how to refresh your resume along with updates to help with your job search. Helpful tips on how to upload your resume to a job board, how to find the right key words to put in your resume and the tactics on an overall approach to your resume. 

How we will do this? With lots and lots of help! Videos, interviews, tip sheets, blog posts and a few surprising ways to get the message across!

So for the first step, here is your slide presentation on How to Refresh Your Resume

Next hear from a Director of Recruiting on what he looks for in a resume

Then, go into your Job Seeker Account and update your resume!

And in addition to revitalizing your career search, we will pick two lucky winners for $500 American Express Gift Certificates plus other fun summer packages to help you get through the summer.

The Refresh Your Resume Sweepstakes runs from June 30th until August 20th. Winners are selected from candidates who refresh their resume or upload their resume on ClearedJobs.Net between June 30th and August 20th. All candidates must have an active or current security clearance.

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