“Social networking sites should be an integral part of your job search. Period.”

Posted by Kathleen Smith

At ClearedJobs.Net, we fully recognize that many security cleared job seekers may not feel entirely comfortable using social networks and social utility tools as a way of attracting employers while job searching. That said, however, we can’t deny the steady, growing interest if this topic from security cleared job seekers who are wanting to learn more about how social media can enhance their job seeking activities.

In light of this growing interest by cleared job seekers, we thought this July 7, 2009 article we found online, entitled “Social networking key to a successful job search,” would be of interest. In the article, Kathy Gill — a senior lecturer at the University of Washington who specializes in social media — has unambiguous feelings about the value and importance of utilizing social networks during a job search of any kind.

Regarding the professional social networking site LinkedIn, Gill says, “Think of it as an online resume. That’s what it’s really about. It’s where you’ve worked and what your jobs are.” Gill adds, “One of the things you want to do with your LinkedIn profile is ask people that you’ve worked with to give you a recommendation.”

Those interested in the online article can click here to view it. And as a side note, we are uploading a small guide and simple-to-follow action plan for security cleared job seekers interested in furthering their job searching online via social networks. Look for it to come out in the new few weeks.

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