Special Agent Oso: Memoirs from Maine (#002)

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Special Agent Oso continues his Maine adventures! For background info, please view this previous blog post.


While basking on the dock, our beloved Special Agent Oso reviewed the local dog rag, Downeast Dog, ( which showcased the cover story of the Trials ( This headline sadly reminded our canine Chief Security Officer (CSO) — seen above watching the troops splash around in the lake — that he is very, very much out of shape.dockdog

The cover story described the competition which includes Big Air jumping, Extreme Vertical jumps and Speed Retrieve competitions. Doggie contestants came from all over New England. Started in 2000 as part of ESPN’s Great Outdoor Games, this competition became a “filler” event and, over time, became its own event in 2002.

Special Agent Oso congratulates all the dog winners! He’d also like to inform his friends and followers that he will be going back to his “rigorous” training program which includes naps, truck rides and occasional security detail at ClearedJobs.Net.

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