Tactics for Using LinkedIn as an Employment Search Tool

Posted by Kathleen Smith

The information tips below have been contributed by David Steinbach, a recruiter currently at Northrop Grumman – Aerospace Systems – Adaptive Optics Associates, who is actively recruiting Optics technologists that have current Top Secret security clearances in hand for roles in East Hartford, Connecticut and Cambridge, Massachusetts (all submittals via the website are reviewed).


David’s LinkedIn job searching tips

Here are David’s tips on how to use LinkedIn, which is — as David puts it, “a must-use tool for professionals seeking new opportunities” — as an invaluable employment search tool:

  • Create a robust LinkedIn profile (take a look at David’s).
  • Do a search for Jobs, and find something applicable, and go for it.
  • Join a number of relevant professional groups; most groups have a “Jobs” tab and there are many jobs posted there that are posted nowhere else. Do some digging.
  • Go to and send “Invitations” to link to the top 50 people. This will quickly increase your network of contacts (i.e. the number of people you can see).
  • Call the person who advertised. Nope, email doesn’t count! Use the phone!
  • Search for people doing the kind of work you want do do, or search for the managers of these groups. They can tell you:1. Whether or not they have an opening2. When they will have an opening

    3. Who else in their company or outside of their company that may be hiring

If not done already, remember to include an invitation for David who’s got 15.8 million links!

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