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  • Defense Roundup: 800,000 Jobs Shutdown but Half Back to Work and Vets Could Soon Feel Shutdown Impacts

    DoD to workers: Welcome Back, but Keep a Lid on Using Supplies John Grady, ScoutComms. The battle of the government shutdown has been virtually the only story this week. Over the weekend, the Department of Defense announced their intention to bring most of the thousands of f… more

  • April 8 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    U.S. Would Save $14 Billion Buying German Combat Vehicle Tony Capaccio (@ACapaccio) and Nick Taborek, Bloomberg Business Week. The Congressional Budget Office issued a report this week examining the Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle and concluded that simply purchasing the German… more

  • April 2 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    Risk and Reward at the Dawn of Civilian Drone Age Joan Lowy (@AP_Joan_Lowy), Associated Press. This piece offers a great overview of what many see as the dawn of a new era of development of civilian unmanned aerial vehicles, drones as they are called these days. Lost in the ne… more

  • October 22 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    DoD, Industry Leaders Discuss How to Manage a Downturn Marcus Weisgerber, Defense News. Most of the senior leadership of the Pentagon held a closed door meeting with a host of retired defense industry leaders to share insights on the last fiscal cutback period the department f… more

  • October 15 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

    Leon Panetta on Cyber Security: D.C. Action Needed Philip Ewing and Tony Romm, Politico. SecDef Panetta offered a bleak outlook on the cyberwarfare front while the Vice Presidential debate raged on Thursday and threw down the gauntlet for Congress and the private sector to bet… more