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  • May 12 Cleared Job Fair Best Recruiter Winners

    Every Cleared Job Fair we celebrate the top three companies that are voted Best Recruiter by the job seekers. These are the companies that provided the best overall experience to job seekers. The three companies providing the best experience to job seekers at the May 12 Cleare… more

  • 2010 Best Recruiters announced

    During each of the 2010 Cleared Job Fairs, participating security cleared job seekers were given the opportunity to vote for the nation’s top recruiting experience from a pool of employers seeking professionals with active security clearances. Over 5,000 job seekers in the s… more

  • Extreme Job Search Makeover Winner Session 4 Recruiters and Wrap Up

    In his final session Mr. Allen spent time with two recruiters and was able to ask the questions that you never really get to ask a recruiter about the recruiting process, interviews and everything else. These sessions were powerful, eye-opening and completely off the record, but… more

  • It’s back to school time, and back to Cleared Job Fairs!

    With 28 cleared facilities employers, the security cleared job seekers had a good selection of companies to meet with at today’s Cleared Job Fair. Many of the large companies such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and L-3 Communications GS&ES were in attendance, but also… more

  • ClearedJobs.Net Announces Its Cleared Job Fair Schedule for 2010

    I can’t believe we are in our fifth year of producing job fairs solely focused on professionals with security clearances! Our ClearedJobs.Net team has finalized our 2010 Cleared Job Fair schedule and dates and for those interested, you may find the year’s worth of events list… more