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  • June 18 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

    Layoff Threats Put Congress on Notice Austin Wright, Politico. The defense industry upped the ante a bit more this week on Congress in their efforts to head off the dreaded sequestration budget axe. Notices went to representatives that unless the automatic budget cuts are stop… more

  • June 11 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

    U.S. Arms Exports Surge on Sales Push to India, Brazil Tony Capaccio, Bloomberg. The State Department has approved a record number of export licenses in the last year for U.S. military parts and services. The licenses are valued at $44.3 billion representing an increase of mor… more

  • May 29 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    Investigators Want Explanation of Alleged Overbilling in Afghanistan Karen DeYoung, Washington Post. Congressional investigators are demanding answers to reports that Swiss-based Supreme Foodservice overcharged the Defense Logistics Agency well over $750 million in double-bill… more

  • May 14 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

    U.S. Military Embraces Robots with Greater Autonomy David Alexander, Reuters. In what is likely the next phase of robotic vehicles, the military and industry are experimenting heavily with autonomous vehicles of varying sizes to allow delivery supplies without human guidance.… more

  • March 26 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    House Panel to Defense: Simplify Acquisition Process Zachary Fryer-Biggs, Federal Times. At a Capitol Hill press conference on Wednesday the House Armed Services Committee's Panel on Business Challenges in the Defense Industry unveiled its 44 recommendations on how the government… more