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  • December 17 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    Drone-Makers Push Feds on Test Flights Kevin Bogardus and Keith Laing, The Hill (Hat tip to Mike Reilly at Edelman). Lobbyists for the Association of Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI) are ramping up their pressure on the Federal Aviation Administration to select … more

  • October 22 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    DoD, Industry Leaders Discuss How to Manage a Downturn Marcus Weisgerber, Defense News. Most of the senior leadership of the Pentagon held a closed door meeting with a host of retired defense industry leaders to share insights on the last fiscal cutback period the department f… more

  • October 15 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

    Leon Panetta on Cyber Security: D.C. Action Needed Philip Ewing and Tony Romm, Politico. SecDef Panetta offered a bleak outlook on the cyberwarfare front while the Vice Presidential debate raged on Thursday and threw down the gauntlet for Congress and the private sector to bet… more

  • October 9 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

    Homeland Security Learns to Love Small Spy Drones Spencer Ackerman, Danger Room. It seems the Department of Homeland Security is starting to see the value of the growing small Unmanned Aerial Systems family of aircraft for domestic security and public safety missions… more

  • September 24 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    Defense Industry is Reshaping Itself in Multitude of Ways Marjorie Censor, Washington Post Capital Business. The fact is that those in the defense industry have been approaching the changing budget environment in a multitude of ways for the last year or so. Last week’s annou… more