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  • Got Community

    Community as an aspect of our daily lives – not the television show – has become another buzzword. Many of us crave community, be it a gated community or online community. But what is a community? When you experience community you know you have it and many times it isn’t… more

  • Who’s at the ERE Expo Part Two

    The shoes were a hit! While not the online viral marketing sensation I had hoped, some interesting facts did come out of this. Metrics – we all want them to justify our investments especially in social media and recruiting. Why? First management wants to know how we are spe… more

  • Who’s at the ERE Expo? Jimmy, Stuart, Manolo, Anne

    I am here at my first ERE conference – I don’t know what took me so long! My first day was great – I loved the ideas about employment brand, thrilled by the discussions of engagement and envious of the really cool tools some of the companies can afford. Just as … more

  • ClearedJobs.Net Attends ERE Social Recruiting Summit

    We attended another great gathering for the ERE Social Recruiting Summit - this time at the Best Buy Headquarters MN with a Tweetup by LinkUp at the Mall of America! It was a definite good time and we appreciate the opportunity to connect with so many new friends and contacts… more