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  • March 18 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    F-35 ‘Affordable’ at $90 Million Per Aircraft Sandra I. Erwin (@NationalDefense), National Defense Magazine. The annual Credit Suisse/McAleese defense programs conference always brings out the big guns from acquisition offices at DoD to meet with the investors in, and lead… more

  • March 4 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    Spending Cuts Threaten Military Town’s Businesses Parija Kavilanz (@ParijaKavilanz), CNN Money. There are ten thousand stories about sequester and its effects this week. The bottom line is that it was officially put into effect by executive order on Friday evening directing … more

  • April 2 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

    Competition Upended in JLTV program Kate Brannen, Army Times. Take everything you knew about the JLTV competition for the Army and Marine Corps and throw it out. The game has changed completely. With a lower cost-per-vehicle requirement and reduced engineering and manufacturi… more