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  • Employers Maximize Job Fair Success By Reaching Out Early

    We all know it, and we've all probably said it. To make a job fair successful, job seekers need to do their homework and prepare ahead of time. But to be fair, good employers need to understand that this advice goes both ways. For employers, the key to a successful recruitment… more

  • How Do You Find a Senior Cleared Position

    A common theme at Cleared Job Fairs is the number of people who are looking for senior roles in management or professional jobs who lament how tough the job search is. Often this starts with a variant of ‘I keep applying for jobs but I never hear back.’ Few seem to realize th… more

  • Best Bang for Your Recruiting Investment

    According to the 2015 Candidate Research Report, candidates are looking well in advance for their jobs and are looking to have a real conversation before they go through the application process. While many smaller employers might not consider a job fair as part of their recrui… more