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  • Special Agent Oso: Memoirs from Maine (#003)

    A quick update from an undisclosed vacation spot in Maine: Our beloved canine Special Agent Oso will be working on his exercise program throughout the summer so that his picture can be submitted into the 2010 Maine “Play and Stay” Guide for Downeast Dog News. The call for dog… more

  • Special Agent Oso: Memoirs from Maine (#002)

    Special Agent Oso continues his Maine adventures! For background info, please view this previous blog post.While basking on the dock, our beloved Special Agent Oso reviewed the local dog rag, Downeast Dog, ( which showcased the cover story of the… more

  • ClearedJobs.Net’s “Special Agent” Hound Sends Puppy Care Package to Military Working Dogs in Iraq

    Beloved canine mascot develops loyal Twitter following; responds to “tweeted” request for large breed doggie treats and toysClearedJobs.Net has always been a longtime advocate for U.S. military men and women as well as their spouses. In the past few months, the leading online… more

  • Special Agent Oso: Memoirs from Maine (#001)

    Remember "Special Agent Oso??" We introduced him just a few blog posts back.  Well, it's that time of year where the special agent joins his "mom" (Chief Marketing Officer Kathleen Smith) along for the annual summer getaway! This will be the first in a handful of blog posts wher… more

  • Introducing military dog fan and Chief Security Officer “Special Agent Oso”

    ClearedJobs.Net's very own "Chief Security Officer" is now on Twitter!Yes, it's true. Our beloved mascot Oso started tweeting a few weeks ago and in quite a short time has developed quite the following; at the time of this writing, Oso has over 400 followers! And it's no wonder .… more