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  • September 10 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

    U.S. Arms Buyer Foresees More Program Terminations Jim Wolf and David Alexander, Reuters. As the battle to avert the precipitous cuts to the defense budget continues, many in the industry and inside the Pentagon are preparing for cuts no matter what happens. It is clear that m… more

  • September 4 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    Navistar Files Protest, JLTV Program Comes to Halt Paul McLeary, Defense News. Late Friday afternoon Navistar filed a protest with the Government Accountability Office on the Army selections for the three Engineering, Manufacturing and Development contract award winners, which… more

  • April 2 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

    Competition Upended in JLTV program Kate Brannen, Army Times. Take everything you knew about the JLTV competition for the Army and Marine Corps and throw it out. The game has changed completely. With a lower cost-per-vehicle requirement and reduced engineering and manufacturi… more