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  • New Survey on Sequestration’s Impact

    The Government Technology and Services Coalition (GTSC) released a new annual survey on the impact of sequestration on homeland and national security. GTSC surveyed over 220 respondents about actual and planned impacts to the contracting community engaged in mission-critical acti… more

  • Defense Roundup: Going to war with Marines’ pants, SOFIC, V-22s not so bad

    Sequestration Takes Its Toll on the Washington Area Meetings Business Abha Bhattarai (@abhabhattarai), Washington Post. Maybe we’re starting to sound like a broken record but in another example of the second and third order effects of sequestration’s bite, Washington D.C. ar… more

  • March 11 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    F-35’s Ability to Evade Budget Cuts Illustrates Challenge of Paring Defense Spending Rajiv Chandrasekaran (@rajivwashpost), Washington Post. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is the most expensive weapon system in history and in these times of budget cuts it manages to survive r… more

  • Fear is the Mind Killer

    Fear seems to be something that we have become very comfortable with. The activity of worrying about the unknown occupies a fair amount of our time from how will we handle a possible budget action months in advance or a weather pattern. We know being gripped in fear is one of the… more

  • February 11 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    Double Whammy for Pentagon David Rogers, Politico. While much of what little public focus there is about impending defense cuts focuses on the sequestration train wreck set to come crashing into the station on March 1, it’s actually a double tap situation for DoD as they str… more