The 5 Most Popular ClearedJobs.Net Stories of 2011

Posted by Rob Riggins

2011 was a momentous year for ClearedJobs.Net. We introduced our new web site, we decided to launch our first virtual Clearance Career Fair (January 19, 2012), and we amped up our blog content.

As we close out the year, we’re looking at our blog stories that generated the most readers this year. We’ll keep these subjects in mind as we build content for 2012. Our 5 most popular stories of 2012 are:

5. 6 Recommendations for Improving Security Clearance Management

On the whole we’ve slain the dragon of taking months, if not years, to process clearances on the front end. Anecdotally there are still horror stories, but there’s no denying great strides have been made….

4. Interview With a Recruiter Melanie Chin

From time to time we bring you Q/A sessions with recruiters, who provide insights on their company, its hiring practices and job search tips….

3. Make the Most of a Job Fair in 6 Steps

The best thing about a job fair: an entire room full of companies who are hiring. The worst thing? An entire room full of companies to impress….

2. Difficult Interview Questions

Take a look at career articles and the topic of ”questions everyone hates” comes up regularly. So, of course, you can learn a lot about how to answer many difficult questions with a fast search….

1. 2 Most Common Mistakes When Applying for a Security Clearance

At the recent National Classification Management Society Annual Chapter Seminar Laura Hickman, DISCO Director, shared the two most common mistakes applicants make when applying for a security clearance. Most of these rejections come from employees of small cleared facilities employers. And despite the fact that just over 18% of interim clearances are denied, ultimately the decline rate is less than two percent….

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

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