The Best Recruiter Program 2013

Posted by Kathleen Smith

The Candidate Experience is being recognized as an integral part of a talent acquisition strategy. More than 5 years ago ClearedJobs.Net launched the Best Recruiter Program which has become an key component of employer brand building within security cleared community. Word of mouth employer branding is a vital component of any company’s talent acquisition strategy that is involved in the security cleared community as candidates tend to value face to face offline connecting more than online connecting.

Trust is a big issue in the security cleared community and many candidates are more comfortable meeting with companies’ recruiters in person before they start their relationship with them. A Best Recruiter in this community recognizes the importance of the candidate experience as many candidates stay within the community for their entire career and are influencers of other candidates.

The search for the perfect candidate and the perfect job can be a trying experience for both parties. By making this a positive experience, everyone wins. The recruiters recognized as ‘best’ are those who put recruiting and the candidates first – they are approachable and talk with every job seeker who comes to their booth. It is a privilege to have these Best Recruiters at our Cleared Job Fairs.

The Best Recruiter program has been credited with inspiring The Candidate Experience Awards a national program launched by The Talent Board in 2010. The Talent Board board member and CareerXroads Chief Navigator Gerry Crispin has been a frequent presenter at the Best Recruiter Celebration.

This year’s celebration will feature Jenny DeVaughn, social media and employer brand marketing maven. The Best Recruiter Celebration is an invitation only event for those recruiters who have been recognized as Best Recruiters.


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