What language do you speak? Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19!

Posted by Kathleen Smith

I am very tickled with the idea of “Talk like a Pirate Day” as it gives us all another opportunity to give rise to a variety of our voices.

Many may think that talk like a pirate day is a folly. However did you ever look at how you talk normally? No matter the industry you‘re in – government, recruiting, non-profit, mommy, daddy – we all have specific ways that we talk. There are key phrases we use and it signifies us as someone “in the know” or not. And interestingly enough when you move from one industry to another, some acronyms dramatically change their meaning! Then there are those acronyms or phrases we throw around no matter where we are or what type of work we do – can I have a doppio skim with splenda? Huh?

When we speak with each other are we speaking code that we developed because of our community or tribe? Or are we using this to identify who we are? What impact does this have on others we are speaking to, such as colleagues, friends or job seekers? Can we have a conversation that doesn’t include a variety of terms, phrases or acronyms that the listener needs to decipher? What happens when we move from one community such as college, government agency or company, to another community? Do we lose our language and how we communicate with others?

We also have a specific language depending on if we are at home, at work, with friends or are in a new environment. This challenges the brain and can be tiring and trying at the same time. But it’s healthy to challenge the brain to speak a different way.

So use Talk like a Pirate Day as a healthy exercise for the brain and an observation of how you use your language to communicate. But most of all have fun, and express your inner pirate!

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