What’s Your Company’s Recruiting IQ?

Posted by Patra Frame

I got a chance to interview Peter Weddle before the Best Recruiters of 2009 celebration and we talked about the fact that too many companies still treat recruiting and staffing as if anyone can do it successfully. Peter described as ‘dilettantes’ those in management and executive roles who did not really focus on and understand the importance of recruiting and hiring effectively.

That really resonated with me. I have seen this reality in all sorts of organizations, although think it most common in small to mid-size companies. Too often executives and hiring managers think ‘ I know a great candidate when I see one’. They have little interest and no training in the entire hiring process or even in their own roles in interviewing and selection. When I train managers on hiring I still hear regularly from those who don’t see the value in prioritizing what they actually want or developing an attractive job ad but think that’s an HR job. And when I suggest that all managers be evaluated in terms of their ability to attract and develop staff, the excuses start to fly!

Wondering if your company is in that “dilettantes” group?

  • Check out the tie between the recruiting process and strategic plan, is it real and really used? What business planning and metrics exist?
  • How well-trained in interviewing and assessment are the people at every level who interview applicants?
  • Do you have really good processes?  Do they actually work?  How do you know?
  • Do managers have any ‘skin in the game’?
  • Are great recruiters hired and valued?

If you outsource some or all of the process, are your hiring managers working effectively with those services?

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