Who’s at the ERE Expo? Jimmy, Stuart, Manolo, Anne

Posted by Kathleen Smith

I am here at my first ERE conference – I don’t know what took me so long! My first day was great – I loved the ideas about employment brand, thrilled by the discussions of engagement and envious of the really cool tools some of the companies can afford. Just as thrilling is catching up with folks I haven’t seen since the last conference or finally meeting someone face-to-face that I have only known online.

But I am also a big people watcher. More importantly shoes! No I am not channeling Carrie or Imelda. I am just impressed with the fashion and the strength of will some women have to walk, stroll and inhabit 3 to 4 inch heels. Especially when they are on their feet from 7am to…well very late into the night…and then put another pair on the next day.

So while there are some great topics being discussed and phenomenal people presenting them here at the ERE Expo, there are also some really awesome shoes! And since we are technically still in winter according to the blast of cold and snow hitting the Midwest and East, we also have a wide variety of really great boots.

So, as my first blog post from the ERE Expo I am following what many of the speakers have shared as a best practice – I am being authentic. While I love niche marketing and supporting my community of security cleared job seekers to connect with cleared facilities employers, I am also an individual who marvels at life and loves to people watch. No matter where I go I look at the shoes people are wearing  – both men and women – as I am fascinated by the choices we make in style and endurance. 

Furthermore to the best practices of social media, I did ask for people’s permission to take pictures of their shoes, but am not sharing their identity. But, if you are following other best practices you will “tag” you and your shoes to generate content, comment and connection with others in your community  –even if this is has nothing to do with your line of work or the type of “customers” you are trying to connect with.

So with a little drum roll or more aptly the clack of heels, I give you “some” of the great shoes of the ERE Expo!



      And as I know, people save the best for last, I am sure more awesome foot wear will come out today, so I will update this on Monday with a wrap up. If you have some great shoes that you are wearing here at the ERE Expo, ping me at ClearedJobsNet on Twitter, comment on the blog or just find me here at the conference.  

For me, I went casual and comfy with Anne Klein sport sandals that allowed me to wiggle my toes in the sand at the Beach Access bar.

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Shoes of ERE Expo!


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