Why fly into a storm for a job fair?

Posted by Kathleen Smith

S. is a job seeker at our Cleared Job Fair today who flew in from Florida with the tropical storm. She came to today’s job fair because she’s looking for a position in the DC metro area and wanted the opportunity to talk to a number of companies face-to-face in a concentrated amount of time.

Bravely, S. quit her job last week to devote herself to her job search. She has worked the room today and has five companies she is pursing — Serco, HP Enterprise Services, Citizant, The Kenjya Group and PRO-telligent. S. is looking for a position in project, program or portfolio management and process improvement.

S. has two tips for job seekers beyond attending a Cleared Job Fair and making in-person connections. “No matter how long you’re in your job you need to maintain your network, and LinkedIn is the most efficient way to do so. You also need to volunteer. I’ve expanded my network both locally and globally to reach beyond my Florida community,” she relates.

Within 24 hours of her job search beginning, S. reached out to her network through LinkedIn which resulted in a job offer within 48 hours that she is considering. Pretty impressive and this makes her decision to quit her job to focus on finding a new job what it truly is — a strategic decision timed to coincide with the start of the government’s fiscal year. It is refreshing to see a job seeker who realizes that a job search is a full time job!

S’s parting thoughts returned to LinkedIn. “I’m a member of about a dozen groups on LinkedIn and I’m a big advocate. I can get info on blogs or other items of interest quickly and easily,” she concluded.

We wish S. luck, but it sounds like luck has nothing to do with it. A strategic job search is a key to success! 

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