WSJ: 60% of HR managers say cards and balloons after an interview are all overboard

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Wall Street Journal (WSJ) shares inteviewing tips and how to *wow* recruiters

WSJ’s Diana Middleton reports today:

With so much competition for every job listing out there — there are more than 6.1 job seekers for every job opening, according to the latest job-opening and turnover data from the U.S. Department of Labor — wowing a recruiter during a job interview is even more crucial. According to a new survey of nearly 500 human-resources professionals released by the Society for Human Resource Management, there are plenty of ways to derail a job interview — and some of them may surprise you.

This article, entiled “Avoid These Interview Killers,” is full of interesting survey finds. Some of the survey findings include:

  • 67% of hiring managers say dressing provocatively is a major deal breaker —even more significant than having a typo in your application materials (58% found this to be an interview killer)
  • 39% of hiring managers surveyed said applicants shouldn’t bring up salary at all—unless the interviewer brings it up first
  • Although social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are rife with clues about job candidates’ private lives, 75% of HR managers surveyed don’t bother to check them

There are some great anecdotal stories in this article and it’s definitely worth a read if you are actively in the job market and gearing up to interview with recruiters and hiring managers in the near future.


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