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  • Best Recruiter 2015

    We are excited once again to be celebrating the Best Recruiter program. Security cleared and cybersecurity job seekers who attend Cleared Job Fairs and Cyber Job Fairs vote for the recruiters who provide the best recruiting experience. Those receiving the most votes are named Bes… more

  • Don’t Be A Mystery Job Seeker: Complete Your Key Skills

    Imagine you went to a job board or other website and came across the following job posting. What would be your impression? _____________________________ Mountebank Services Logistics Manager Seeking an experienced logistics manager. ______________________________ I think mo… more

  • Networking with Recruiters

    Every job search expert will tell you that you need to network. Especially with recruiters. But how do you start? One key thing to remember is that we all communicate and network differently. Some people are very comfortable with all forms of electronic communication. Others p… more

  • Recruiters: How You Can Build and Balance Your Brand

    So, want to build your personal brand as a rock star recruiter. Before you start building, I think a good question to ask yourself is, “Why?” What do you want to achieve? Is your goal to land new clients, secure speaking engagements, find a new job, or take your career to the… more

  • Job Descriptions: Devil Is In the Detail

    The idiom "the devil is in the detail" refers to a catch or mysterious element hidden in the details. Recruiting has many components, but the one component that every recruiter deals with is the job description. Recently, I came across several job descriptions for a company in… more