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  • They Still Don’t Get It

    Throughout my tenure at ClearedJobs.Net, one thing has stayed the same: Job seekers don’t understand recruiting. There is so much confusion on the part of a job seeker as to who - recruiter, sourcer, staffing, hiring manager or headhunter - does what, and why. What is heartbrea… more

  • Understanding Military Salary Histories

    There's no doubt that a candidate’s salary demands/expectations are critical in determining whether or not they will take (and remain) in a position. This is why so many applications, career sites, and early interviews will ask the candidate about their salary history. While… more

  • Get More Applications

    Want more applications from qualified job seekers? Get busy improving your job postings. Making the most out of your advertising dollars is very important, and that is exactly what a job posting is – advertising. The job posting is one of the first forms of communication a … more

  • Best Bang for Your Recruiting Investment

    According to the 2015 Candidate Research Report, candidates are looking well in advance for their jobs and are looking to have a real conversation before they go through the application process. While many smaller employers might not consider a job fair as part of their recrui… more

  • Best Recruiter 2015

    We are excited once again to be celebrating the Best Recruiter program. Security cleared and cybersecurity job seekers who attend Cleared Job Fairs and Cyber Job Fairs vote for the recruiters who provide the best recruiting experience. Those receiving the most votes are named Bes… more