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  • How to Safely Include In-Progress Certifications on Your Resume

    Certifications have become a buzzword in the cyber security community, but they reach beyond the technical IT space. From Project Management, HR, or Financial Management certifications, to Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) or Certified Information Systems Security Professional … more

  • Don’t Miss These 5 Unique Cleared Career Opportunities

    In the cleared community we often see countless openings for engineers and analysts, but are you familiar with cleared opportunities for air traffic controllers or epidemiologists? While jobs like these may not appear frequently across your radar, there are many unique posit… more

  • 4 Tips to Make the Most of Holiday Cleared Job Search

    With Thanksgiving fast approaching and December just on the horizon, many are looking forward to the hap-happiest season of all. But hold the holiday music—it may not feel like the most wonderful time of the year if you’re in cleared job search mode. It can be frustra… more

  • 3 Strategies to Support Veterans and Increase Employee Retention Rates

    The benefits of recruiting veterans are obvious to cleared employers—they’re primed for work in the cleared community and they offer immense value to companies looking for skilled, hard-working talent. If you’ve spent time recruiting these folks, you know the basics re… more

  • Cyber Security Skills Growth and Professional Development for Career Success

    Cyber security is essential—to everyone in this day and age. Individuals face identify theft, entire cities’ operations can be impacted by cyberattacks, and national security is at stake in the balance too. With the need to protect and defend so high, it’s no surprise … more