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  • What’s the Point of an Initial Phone Interview

    I want to share with you my objective, as a recruiter and a hiring manager, during an initial phone screen with you. By this time in the hiring process, I’ve already seen enough in your resume to warrant a conversation. I typically save the in-depth discussion of your experi… more

  • Pay Cuts, Layoffs and Contract Recompetes

    I’m going to oversimplify the world of government contracting for the sake of explaining why you might experience a pay cut or a layoff after a contract recompete. The government essentially has two options when it comes to soliciting work from contracting companies. They ca… more

  • Five Little Resume Mistakes that Tell Employers You’re a Risk

    To the best of your knowledge, your resume is perfect. You ran it through the spell checker three times just to make sure it didn’t miss anything the first two times. You even had your uncle Dave look it over because he hired a guy once and he knows a thing or two about resumes… more

  • I Hate Reading Cover Letters

    I hate reading cover letters.  You hate writing cover letters. Most recruiters I talk to think that cover letters are a complete waste of time. So why do we put ourselves through such misery?  The problem is that some companies are still asking for them and will ding you for… more