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  • Tips to Identify an Employer’s Diversity

    Diversity and Inclusion have become the buzzwords in the workplace yet again. We see this trend every few years but this time feels different. It feels like we are speaking collectively for the first time in a long time, and change is coming. But change is hard, really hard. A… more

  • Respond to Those “Pesky” Recruiter Emails & Calls

    If you talk to anyone who is looking for a job, you will most certainly find that all of them have experienced a situation where no one ever contacts them after they apply. Their resume goes into a black hole never to be heard from again, and they are left wondering what happened… more

  • On Behalf of All Recruiters, I’m Sorry

    Recruiters aren’t perfect. So many of us have a “recruiter” title, but what that means really varies and there are many recruiters that give the rest a bad name. Normally those recruiters are the ones who have irritated you as a candidate with spam emails or sales tactics o… more

  • Five Thoughts from a Recruiter on Your Cleared Job Search

    Being a cleared job seeker changes the parameters of your job search. The company pool you are swimming in is different, the job descriptions are different, and the process to get a job is often different. There are steps you take in a job search and interviewing process that som… more

  • How to be a Zebra in a Field of Cleared Unicorns

    Unicorns and purple squirrels (terms recruiters use for job seekers that match a job opening's requirements perfectly) are hard to find. In this field of mythical creatures you have to find a way to be a zebra. A real animal with high contrast stripes that doesn’t look like any… more