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  • Communicate Complete Thoughts

    Communicate. Complete. Thoughts. Do you want to stand out from your cleared job seeker competition? Work on your verbal and written communication skills. Increasingly the influence of new forms of communication is having an impact on communication clarity or understanding b… more

  • Making the Most of Your Cleared Job Fair Resource Investment

    In the marketing world leveraging your marketing assets is essentially called “activation.” When you purchase a marketing asset, it is the role of the purchaser to activate or leverage this asset. Many companies don’t execute this well and believe that they have paid a spon… more

  • Don’t Bring Anyone to an Interview

    Job search is difficult – for both job seekers and recruiters. In our community, we have several recruiters, hiring managers and business owners looking to find great talent to fit within their organizations. There are at times disconnects. Glenn Robinson, President, Blue Ri… more

  • Networking with Recruiters

    Every job search expert will tell you that you need to network. Especially with recruiters. But how do you start? One key thing to remember is that we all communicate and network differently. Some people are very comfortable with all forms of electronic communication. Others p… more

  • A Cybersecurity Professionals Recommended Reading List

    With summer upon us, it is time to pull out the recommended reading list. Fortunately, Matthew Devost has put together a great summer reading list for the cybersecurity professional. This list of books reflects a very diverse spectrum of interests and is in no particular order. … more