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  • Two Key Interview Questions for Cleared Job Seekers

    “Why are you interested in this job?” That's a standard interviewer’s question. Or should be. The hiring manager is wise to ask about your motivations to determine if you’ll be a good fit with the team and organization. In looking for your next cleared job, a first … more

  • 5 Actions for Career Management

    Career Management makes some managers nervous. They might lose key staff or have to spend precious time training and mentoring people. It raises expectations for many people that they will be promoted sooner, or that another round of layoffs is coming. And for others, it’s just… more

  • Getting the Most from a Professional Conference

    I love going to conferences! I’ve added two certifications, gotten a job, provided valuable knowledge and expertise to projects and made some life-long professional colleagues and mentors from attending professional conferences. I’ve also wasted time, money and energy at a fe… more