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  • Cyber Credit Scores and More with ICF’s Michael Sanchez

    Michael Sanchez, VP Commercial Cybersecurity and Compliance for ICF International, is a native Texan working in IT Audit and Compliance for 27 years.  He came out of industry where he ran the IT department for one of the large energy companies in Houston, a $12 billion company. … more

  • Veterans are Both Uniquely Qualified and Completely Unprepared for Civilian Cybersecurity Careers

    An interview with Joe Krull, Director of the Denim Group in San Antonio. What is Cybersecurity I hate the term cybersecurity. The term was first used I think I read somewhere in 1994. It was used by someone who was trying to make the term broader than it was. I will never … more

  • Operational Cybersecurity Experience Sets Veterans Apart

    As part of ClearedJobs.Net’s lead up to CyberTexas we are interviewing cybersecurity leaders and professionals from the San Antonio community and surrounding areas – many of whom are veterans – to share their cybersecurity stories of career transition, entrepreneurship and … more

  • The Intel on Cybersecurity Hiring

    A few months ago we set out on a mission to find a solution to a cybersecurity hiring crisis. The premise: There is a worldwide hiring crisis for cybersecurity professionals while at the same time a high unemployment rate for veterans. Our solution: Encourage, recruit and retain … more

  • Northrop Grumman’s Cybersecurity Program

    Senior Recruiter Nell Breidenstein, Northrop Grumman Information Systems, shares her thoughts on cybersecurity. Describe cybersecurity for us What I consider cybersecurity to be on the large scale is what we are doing to secure the nation’s information across a wide var… more