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  • How to Ask Someone You Haven’t Talked to in Years to be a Reference

    When we’re in job search mode we often focus on sending the perfect resume that showcases our skills and expertise, prepping for the interview process, and of course crossing our fingers till we hopefully land that Holy Grail job offer. Before any of this though, we need to get… more

  • 3 Tips for Effective References

    “We had two top candidates for a senior job. One whose references were glowing and one whose took forever to respond and then barely remembered the person.” - HR Executive. “I can always find ways to get references to tell me a lot about the person I am checking on.” - to… more

  • Getting Great Job Search References

    Don't be afraid to ask the right people for references. The right people are your former bosses. Tell your references: 1. I'd like you to be a reference in my job search. 2. Why you're asking them to be a reference. "I remember what a great boss you were," or "I learned … more

  • Five New Year’s resolutions for job seekers

    Since many of us take this time to reflect on the year past and the year ahead of us, let's do so in the context of your job search. We're not going to guilt you into making promises you can't keep, so let's keep our list of resolutions to five manageable items that will help you… more

  • References that work

    Are your references ready to help you land a job? Do you know how to prepare your references so they are an asset to your search and not a stumbling block? Find out in this video by ClearedJobs.Net's HR Strategist Patra Frame. In Patra's own words, "Making the… more