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  • How To Manage Your Security Clearance as a 1099 Sub-Contractor

    I’ve been a cleared 1099 sub-contractor since 2015. One of the concerns I had when I first started was how to keep my security clearance “active,” meaning I wanted to be able to take on projects that require a security clearance without having to start from scratch on … more

  • Sexual Behavior That Can Make Trouble for Your Security Clearance

    If you want to maintain your ability to have a cleared career, it’s important to understand the government’s Adjudicative Guidelines. There are 13 guidelines, or criteria, used to determine eligibility for a security clearance, one of which includes sexual behavior. S… more

  • How Can Alcohol Consumption Threaten Your Security Clearance Eligibility

    Under Guideline G, Alcohol Consumption, the government may have security concerns related to excessive alcohol consumption, as it may lead to questionable judgment or criminal conduct. This can include incidents at work or away from work. You don’t even need a diagnosis fo… more

  • How to Avoid Jeopardizing Your Security Clearance Over Financial Concerns

    As the Federal security adjudicators return to the office full time, the scrutiny on security clearances and resulting reviews and adjudications will move back to their 2019 numbers. Approximately 2.3 million cleared service members, civilian employees, and contractors are n… more

  • Do I Need a Security Clearance Attorney

    I hear far too often as a security clearance attorney, “I didn’t know I should hire an attorney” or “my security officer told me I could handle this myself.” In nearly every security clearance case and at every stage in the adjudication process, your chances of suc… more