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  • Wreaths Across America

    Please consider putting Wreaths Across America on your 2014 calendar - December, 13, 2014. We have. That's next year's date for the annual wreath laying event for veterans buried in national cemeteries. Wreaths Across America's 2014 goal is to have enough wreaths to cover Arling… more

  • 2013 Undefeated 2-Day Bike Ride for Wounded EOD Techs

    For the fifth consecutive year ClearedJobs.Net is honored to sponsor the Undefeated Two-Day Bike Rides. Supporting Wounded EOD Warriors Last year’s Rides raised over $300,000 for the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation. EOD techs are a small and elite group of military specialists … more

  • Seven LinkedIn First-Time User Mistakes

    Recruiters are just as discriminating when reviewing LinkedIn profiles as they are when they review resumes. Those using LinkedIn for the first time can be in a rush, make minor or major mistakes, and don’t realize they have set themselves up for failure. Here are a few mistak… more

  • Should I Get a Master’s in Cyber Intelligence

    One of the great things about participating in a LinkedIn group is that you can ask a question. Depending on the group you may get some really good feedback. In one particular group focused on Cyber Intelligence, we noticed this question by a transitioning military professional. … more

  • Unwanted Facebook Requests

    As more people join social media, the more you may find that you're getting connection requests from people you don’t know. Or don't want to know. Some of these requests might seem outright strange. All social media communities want to keep the environment safe and comfortable… more