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  • For Job Seekers Guilty of Having a 3+ Page Resume

    If you're guilty as charged, think of your resume as a sales brochure. Way too often we still see candidates for jobs submitting resumes that go on and on. Six or seven pages is not uncommon. These lengthy resumes often also contain big blocks of paragraphs, filled with te… more

  • Where Do You Put Education on Your Resume

    In the olden days this was easy. If you were a new grad education went at the beginning of your resume. If you were an experienced professional, education went at the end of your resume. Have Things Changed Does that guidance still hold true for cleared professionals in d… more

  • Guide to Building Resume Accomplishment Statements

    Your cleared resume should show what you achieved in each position vs. a laundry list of responsibilities you’ve held and duties you performed. Most of you have probably heard this before. Yet we still see a surprising number of cleared job seekers with long, detailed paragr… more

  • The Words You Use on Your Resume Are Important

    We know recruiters don’t spend a lot of time looking at your resume when doing an initial review. With the current state of the cleared job market, that means your choice of words for your resume is important. CareerBuilder recently surveyed hiring managers and HR profession… more

  • Does Your Resume #Fail

    The crowd was great at the most recent Cleared Job Fair Resume Reviews. Patient, positive, networking while waiting. And most even followed the written instructions. So I saw a lot of resumes full of editing done while waiting. All good. But the most common problems remain jus… more