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  • Military transition: Use your education effectively

    I went to my first tech school barely a month after arriving at my first base. You certainly have had some training too. So what do you do with all that when you are thinking about your transition? First, as you have looked at what you want to do - your personal and profession… more

  • Tips from an HP Enterprise Services Senior Recruiter

    As we approach the end of the year it's a good time to review your resume, and your job search in general, to see if changes or improvements are in order. And none of us would use the holidays as an excuse to set our job search aside, correct? Check out these two videos featurin… more

  • Four reasons not to stop your job search during the holidays

    A lot of job seekers assume that the holidays stretching from Thanksgiving until after the New Year are a time to put their job search on hold. If you tell yourself no employers hire over the holidays, no employers interview during December, everyone is physically (or mentally) o… more

  • Military transition: Career choices

    So there you are, trying to figure out what jobs in the civilian world will be worthwhile. And here I am, regularly talking success stories and research.... With all the potential careers available, how do you start to choose? First steps are to think about what your knowledge… more

  • Job seeker tips from two recruiting experts

    Anne Hull, President Hull Strategies, and Nancy Gober, Career Coach Key Development Solutions, share their thoughts and interviewing tips for job seekers interested in working for government contracting firms. Anne and Nancy also discuss common resume mistakes… more