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  • 10 Effective LinkedIn and Social Networking Tips for Cleared Professionals

    Our top tips to effectively use social networking for cleared job search and career development. 1. Select Your Social Networks When deciding which social media networks to use in your cleared job search, consider which platforms are popular within your industry. … more

  • 3 Principles of Non-Sleazy Networking for 1099s and Job Hunters

    Note: This article is adapted from the author’s book: Going 1099: How to become a solo federal sub-contractor and gain control of your working life, earn more money, and unlock more free time. One of the ways I have pursued 1099 gigs is through networking. Yes, every… more

  • Networking: If Nothing Else, Please Do These 4 Things

    There’s usually not much you can do to escape writing a resume or participating in an interview at some point during a job search. Networking on the other hand is a job search tool you can avoid—but you know you shouldn’t. Even though it’s one of the most important t… more

  • Social Networking in a Time of Social Distancing

    In the midst of fear, uncertainty, and economic turns, you may be tempted to push pause on your job search and networking efforts. But instead of fixating on the unknown and allowing doubt to stop you in your tracks, make the most of your situation and push forward. One of t… more

  • How to Use a Networking Resume for Job Search Success

    Your resume is one the most powerful tools in your cleared job search. It works as an advertisement that sells you to you prospective employers and urges them to contact you for an interview. In many cases, your resume serves as your initial introduction to recruiters and hi… more