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  • Resumes: Read Yours Out Loud for Proofreading Perfection

    In an age of fast paced communications and grammatical error ridden text messages, we sadly come across typos all the time in our day-to-day lives. While a message sent to a friend containing a typo has few repercussions, one place these errors can make or break you is on your re… more

  • Resumes Then vs Resumes Now

    In the battle to fill jobs, I am on the hiring line and I see a lot of senseless casualties. All too often qualified candidates are passed over, rejected, or simply never seen. It pains me to see the same errors kill candidates’ chances over and over. Across the decades I’… more

  • 10 Effective LinkedIn and Social Networking Tips for Cleared Professionals

    Our top tips to effectively use social networking for cleared job search and career development. 1. Select Your Social Networks When deciding which social media networks to use in your cleared job search, consider which platforms are popular within your industry. … more

  • How to Stand Out and Seal the Deal with Follow-Up in Your Cleared Job Search

    After spending countless hours perfecting your cleared resume and cover letters, and shining at networking events and in interviews, it may feel like you’ve done everything possible to secure your dream job. However, many security-cleared job seekers falter at one critical… more

  • Turn Up the Heat on Your Cleared Job Search this Summer

    As the temperature rises and the days grow longer, many people shift into vacation mode, thinking about beaches and barbecues rather than job applications and interviews. But if you’re a security-cleared professional eager to advance your career, now is the perfect time to… more