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  • Understanding Key Steps of the Security Clearance Adjudication Process

    For individuals who must go through the security clearance adjudication process, it can be a nervous and confusing process. Each individual attempting to obtain a security clearance must have a sponsor, but if security concerns arise, the adjudication process can be differen… more

  • How Can Alcohol Consumption Threaten Your Security Clearance Eligibility

    Under Guideline G, Alcohol Consumption, the government may have security concerns related to excessive alcohol consumption, as it may lead to questionable judgment or criminal conduct. This can include incidents at work or away from work. You don’t even need a diagnosis fo… more

  • How to Keep Your Security Clearance After an Arrest

    Individuals with security clearances, whether that be a Top Secret (TS), Top Secret–Special Compartmentalized Information (TS-SCI), or Secret, are obligated to disclose information on a periodic basis to have their clearance re-evaluated. The information can range from rat… more

  • Can Financial Problems Impact Your Security Clearance

    For most people there is a clear separation of personal and professional decisions, as long as they do not adversely affect one’s ability to do their job. But for those who hold a security clearance, many more aspects of their personal decisions are going to be scrutinized… more