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  • Difficult Interview Questions

    Take a look at career articles and the topic of "questions everyone hates" comes up regularly. So, of course, you can learn a lot about how to answer many difficult questions with a fast search. Here are some which I get asked about regularly at job fairs and seminars. Quest… more

  • Military transition: Career choices

    So there you are, trying to figure out what jobs in the civilian world will be worthwhile. And here I am, regularly talking success stories and research.... With all the potential careers available, how do you start to choose? First steps are to think about what your knowledge… more

  • Military transition: Your strengths matter

    Whether you are transitioning military to civilian after a short time or a full career, there are resources available to help you make this move. Sure the quality of transition resources varies. But I am still surprised at how many miltary folks don't really use most of what is … more