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  • What Myths Does Your Company Believe in Recruiting and Talent Management

    My first training in how to interview and select people to hire was a five day course by a well-known organization. My company was known for its management development so it was a shock the first day to learn that what I really needed to do to hire effectively: learn all I could … more

  • Defense Roundup: Spotlight on caregivers and female veterans, and GAO flays another program

    Four Issues to Watch as US Congress Returns for Busy Fall John T. Bennett (@BennettJohnT), Defense News. Congress returns this week to a vastly different agenda than the one they left for vacation facing three weeks ago. No one expected the burning issue in September would b… more

  • Employee Referral Programs

    What’s one of the key ways to get a job with a defense contractor? Leverage a contact who works for a company you are targeting for employment, and ask for a referral. It helps you stand out in a crowded field of job seekers. Referrals are good hiring sources for comp… more

  • February 13 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    Exclusive: Pentagon Budget Eyes $178.8 Billion for R&D, Procurement Andrea Shalal-Esa, Reuters. Copies of the 2013 defense budget started getting to the press over the weekend and the early reports have a 7.5% drop in the procurement budget and an overall 12.2% drop from l… more

  • Military Transition Tips from a NOVA Corporation Hiring Manager

    David Sims, an Air Force veteran and hiring manager for NOVA Corporation, took time away from his duties at a recent Cleared Job Fair to share some tips for transitioning military. Nova Corporation is a Native-American tribally-owned defense contractor that provides benefits to t… more