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  • Extreme Job Search Makeover Winner Session 4 Recruiters and Wrap Up

    In his final session Mr. Allen spent time with two recruiters and was able to ask the questions that you never really get to ask a recruiter about the recruiting process, interviews and everything else. These sessions were powerful, eye-opening and completely off the record, but… more

  • Extreme Job Search Makeover Winner Session 3 LinkedIn

    After job board intelligence, our third session for Mr. Allen was Social Networking with a primary focus on LinkedIn. While Mr. Allen had a LinkedIn profile, it had not been completed or structured to support his job search, so these were some of the first tips that were shared. … more

  • Extreme Job Search Makeover Winner Session 2 Job Board

    Our second session for Mr. Allen was reviewing the key points of how to navigate a job board. Many job seekers don’t know how to leverage the features of a job board to leverage their job search. Mr. Allen was also given a rare opportunity to see the back end of the job boa… more

  • Extreme Job Search Makeover Winner Session 1 Career Coaching

    The first Extreme Job Search Makeover session was about stepping back and developing an overall career search strategy. All too often job seekers think that the resume is the end all be all, rather than a tactic in the overall job search strategy. A resume is just one aspect of t… more

  • Announcing our Extreme Job Search Makeover winner

    It was an exciting time this last spring as we looked over the applications for the Extreme Job Search Makeover. While we had many entries, one that stood out to us captured the essence of what many security cleared job professionals were grappling with. “Please tell us why… more