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  • 6 Holiday Job Search Strategies to Make Your Future Bright

    The holidays are almost here, but don't stop your job search. Just change it! The holidays put a different twist on your cleared job search. It’s true that the holidays are a hectic time of year. And that puts extra challenges on your job search. It seems that… - No one wil… more

  • The Holidays, the Most Dangerous Time of the Year

    The holidays – the most wonderful time of year. Except when it comes to job seeking. Then they can become the most dangerous time of the year! Why? Because the holidays, fraught with frustrations, temptations, disappointments, and misunderstandings, can lead to the demise of… more

  • Postponing Your Job Search During the Holidays: A Bad Choice

    As the holiday season arrives many job seekers make a bad decision - to lessen, or shut down all-together, their job search with the thought they’ll renew and resume their search in the new year. Bad decision! Why? A misunderstanding of how hiring happens. Many job seeker… more

  • Holiday Traditions and Your Job Search

    Bah-Humbug. Not really, but when it comes to those holiday traditions... Spending money you don’t have, on presents you don’t want to buy, to travel to places you don’t want to go, on entertaining you don’t want to do. Spending time you don't have, wit… more

  • The Holidays and Your Job Search: Bah Humbug or Be Merry

    The holidays bring stress. If you are in a job search you may be plagued with unanswered applications. Or you may be trying to schedule interviews around busy holiday activities. If you are a hiring manager you have year-end reports and difficult requisitions to fill for the begi… more