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  • Genuine Care and Concern 1, Demons 0

    Marines come to the ’mountain’ with various career-ending ailments--combat wounds, illness, injury, brain and psychological trauma. They are biding their time negotiating the military medical system, waiting on final treatments, final decisions, the final salute in uniform, a… more

  • Happy 234th Birthday U.S. Marine Corps!!!

    Happy 234th Birthday U.S. Marine Corps View more presentations from ClearedJobsNet. … more

  • September 11, 2009: Flags over the overpasses on major highways into Washington, DC.

    Shortly after September 11, 2001, American flags starting showing up on overpasses on major highways leading into Washington DC especially Highway 66 in Virginia. Ever since 2001, each September around the first of the month, the flags start returning and stay up for the whole mo… more

  • Enjoy Rolling Thunder Memorial Day photos

    Memorial Day 2009 included being part of the Rolling Thunder pre-parade and then going downtown to view the 400,000 bikes come into town. On my way back from Vienna, I was stopped on the ramp from 267 to 66 East along with 75 bikers. The State police stopped us for about 30 minut… more

  • Interesting tid bit:

    On a recent US Airways flight, I thumbed through the in-flight magazine. These magazines have gotten better over the years realizing that passengers are looking for tidbits of information rather than a full length article that might not be of interest. In this particular issue… more