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  • Should I Work for a Large or Small Contractor

    What do you want from your job? Security? Resources to accomplish your goals? Autonomy? One of the things for you to consider when seeking a new cleared job is the size of the firm that you want to work for. We recently asked Mike Bruni, Director of Talent Acquisition at SC3,… more

  • Intel Community Employment Demand, Salaries and More

    A discussion with Mike Bruni, Leidos Talent Acquisition Manager, on the state of the Intel community hiring landscape. Is There a Difference in Employment Demand for HUMINT vs SIGINT vs All Source I believe all of these flavors of intelligence are in high demand. I don't kn… more

  • The Intel on Cybersecurity Hiring

    A few months ago we set out on a mission to find a solution to a cybersecurity hiring crisis. The premise: There is a worldwide hiring crisis for cybersecurity professionals while at the same time a high unemployment rate for veterans. Our solution: Encourage, recruit and retain … more

  • Interview with a Recruiter, Karen Ryan, Syntelligent

    Karen, tell us about you and Syntelligent I joined the Syntelligent team in June 2013. I’ve known the President, Stephen Synnott for several years and was very impressed with his professionalism, his Air Force and Intelligence experience, and his vision for his company.  He… more

  • Workforce Challenges in the Intelligence Community

    A new generation of intelligence community professionals is just now making its way in to the workforce. They have different values, ideals and expectations than the long-serving intelligence community professionals who are nearing retirement. Beyond the need to revamp the sec… more