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  • Workforce Challenges in the Intelligence Community

    A new generation of intelligence community professionals is just now making its way in to the workforce. They have different values, ideals and expectations than the long-serving intelligence community professionals who are nearing retirement. Beyond the need to revamp the sec… more

  • Media and the Intelligence Community, AFCEA EPIC Series

    Though the panel and topic were picked months ago, the AFCEA Emerging Professionals in the Intelligence Community (EPIC) session on the “Media and the Intelligence Community” was timely. The event was hosted at Altamira Technologies and sponsored by Microsoft, featuring a … more

  • Is Social Anthropology the New Intel Career Path

    The current unrest in the Middle East is an example of the changing landscape for the Intel community and the evolution of skill sets and analytical needs for the future. At yesterday’s discussion on Evolving Priorities and Threats for the U.S. Intelligence Community, Drs. S… more