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  • Interview Questions to Anticipate and Ask in Your Cleared Job Search

    Cleared job interviews can sometimes feel like a high-stakes performance, with an audience judging your every word. If you have interview stage fright, don't worry – we'll share the script with you, including common interview questions, so you can prepare for your big debu… more

  • Strategies to Ace Your Next Interview

    Our top 10 tips to help you excel in an interview for a security-cleared job. 1. Understand That Impressions Start Forming Even Before the Interview Every point of contact with a potential employer—from your online profiles and resume to networking events like Cleare… more

  • Lights, Camera, Hired: A Comprehensive Guide to Video Interviews

    Over the last several years, many people have gotten more comfortable with video chatting, whether it’s to FaceTime a relative or hop on Zoom for a work meeting, virtual class, or to connect with friends. But that’s not all—this technology is also relevant to your clea… more

  • Steps to Master Your Next Interview for a Cleared Job

    Let's talk job interviews—those make-or-break moments in your cleared job search. They're the secret sauce that can open doors to your dream job, or slam them shut. But don't sweat it, because we've got your back. Consider the following insights to ensure you ace your next… more

  • From 161 to 6: Landing the Interview for a Competitive Role

    Despite the job market favoring job seekers in many industries, cyber security jobs remain highly competitive. In fact, a recent LinkedIn post by Mic Merritt, Founder and CEO of Merritt Based, shared some interesting stats from an entry-level cyber security opening that rece… more