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  • Getting Great Job Search References

    Don't be afraid to ask the right people for references. The right people are your former bosses. Tell your references: 1. I'd like you to be a reference in my job search. 2. Why you're asking them to be a reference. "I remember what a great boss you were," or "I learned … more

  • What Hiring Managers Want From Your Social Media Accounts

    Is social media helping or hurting job seekers? The results of a just released CareerBuilder survey of hiring managers who research candidates via social media illustrate it all depends on the job seeker. Self-Defeating Content The top mentions for self-defeating content… more

  • Nine Things Not to Have on Your Resume and Nine Alternatives

    Many job seekers put too much information on their resume. Unfortunately this extra information may hinder their job search efforts. Recruiters look for hard facts on a resume. The warm, fuzzy, "Tell us more about you.” comes later in an interview. Here are some tips on how … more

  • We Wanted to Help Your Job Search but You Blew It

    Recently I was at a meeting with military folks transitioning to the civilian work world. Several asked for my card. Not one has contacted me in the weeks since. An old friend has been looking for work for a year. Many people who know him ask me about his progress. And then sa… more

  • Do You Check Out an Employer’s Reputation, Employers Do You Know Your Reputation

    Recruiters’ jobs are to find a perfect candidate for a company or client needing a job filled. Recruiters must be respectful, courteous, accommodating, and pleasant to deal with as the face of the corporate entity. Their goal is to demonstrate and convince the job seeker their … more