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  • Grave Mistakes: Avoid These Frightening Job Search Behaviors

    While ghosts and ghouls might be haunting the streets, there’s one place you definitely don’t want to spook anyone – the cleared job market. Looking for a job can be a frightful experience, but remember, good manners never go out of style. Recruiters don’t want to… more

  • Tales of Ghost(ing), Making Your Recruiter See Red, and More Haunting Mistakes

    Not all frightening tales have to do with goblins and ghouls. Sometimes real-life blunders that hinder your job search are the scariest of all. Don’t be the villain in your own story. Heed the warnings in these five job search cautionary tales shared by recruiters on our s… more

  • How Do You Cope with Employer Mistakes in Your Job Search

    Lately there have been a spate of blog posts and articles on common job search mistakes. A quick search will show you lots of good lists. And yes, otherwise smart people make some silly, even stupid mistakes...but so do employers. How do you cope with employer mistakes? 1. You s… more