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  • Think Like a Candidate and a Search Engine When You Write a Job Posting Title

    When you’re crafting the heading for a job posting, it helps to think like a candidate. After all, that’s who you’re trying to entice to read your job posting. And if they’re qualified, to apply for the position. But it also helps to think like a search engine. Career … more

  • Refresh Your Job Seeker Profile Sweepstakes Winners

    We've got a winner! Two winners in fact, from our Refresh Your Job Seeker Profile Sweepstakes. D.J. from Fort Worth, TX and M.G. from Norfolk, VA. Congratulations to both D.J. and M.G., and thanks to everyone who participated. Why It's Important for You to Log In and Refresh … more

  • 5 Candidate Experience Myths

    Ever wonder as a job seeker if recruiters really care about how you're treated in the hiring process? Your experience when applying for a job is referred to in the recruiting world as the “candidate experience”. And good companies are concerned about the experience a job s… more

  • Willing to Relocate is a new feature on ClearedJobs.Net Job Seeker Profile

    If you're a job seeker who is willing to relocate, make sure you check this new box on the Career Preferences page so recruiters know you're open to relocation. To get there log in to your job seeker account. From My Account Dashboard click on View your Profile. On th… more

  • Is Your ClearedJobs.Net Job Seeker Profile Complete

    A complete ClearedJobs.Net job seeker profile is important because recruiters don't have time to futz with incomplete information. When you log in to your ClearedJobs.Net account you’ll land on My Account Dashboard. Have you paid attention to your Profile Completion Meter? H… more