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  • Is Your Security Clearance at Risk? The Truth About Marijuana Investments

    With the economy beginning to recover to its pre-pandemic levels, financial wellness has been at the top of mind for many working Americans. This is echoed by recent Gallup poll data, showing that around 61%—or 158 million Americans—own stocks or comparable investments. … more

  • Will I Lose My Security Clearance if I’ve Used Marijuana

    One of the most common questions heard from cleared employees is: “I purchased, smoked, or consumed marijuana. Is there any chance I can obtain or maintain my security clearance?” While there is not a straightforward answer, in short, marijuana still remains an illega… more

  • Medical Marijuana Edibles and Your Security Clearance

    The Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals adjudicates industrial security clearance cases for contractor personnel. Stay apprised of recent Industrial Security Clearance Review (ISCR) cases and their outcomes to safeguard your own clearance. If you want to maintain your … more

  • Three Consequences of Using Marijuana After Your State “Legalizes”

    States across the country are claiming to have legalized marijuana. While they have the authority to do so for State law only, marijuana still remains an illegal Schedule 1 drug and controlled substance to the Federal government. Many people, including gun owners, security c… more