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  • 3 Steps for Recruiters to Align Job Descriptions with MOS

    We discussed how transitioning military should civilianize their resumes so recruiters can better understand what they do. But what are we recruiters doing to meet them in the middle? Most of the time we ask vets and transitioning military members to come 90% of the way and th… more

  • 3 Steps to Bridge the Military to Civilian Language Barrier

    Everyone is talking about the need to help veterans and transitioning military members find a job. It’s a learning process for both our service members and the recruiters looking to hire them. The number one reason I always hear mentioned for this disconnect is vets and transi… more

  • Tapping the Veteran IT Talent Pool

    The hiring process can be painful for both organizations seeking talent and individual job seekers. Gaps in common skills and language are typically cited as reasons for veteran hiring initiatives. It’s also agreed by most experts that of the military skill set, Information Tec… more